Dance School Activities Suspended 

We inform our dance community that Dance Activities are suspended due to Covid 19 restrictions. We wish to be back soon in the following weeks in the park with Outdoor sessions. Please send us a mail if you want to receive the latest news for the Spring Summer season. Keep Healthy. 

Dance is Essential Action

Dance is Essential action is a dance mob we have done on three occasions during Pandemic restrictions. A group of dancers got together occasionally in a park to dance for while and show authorities that Dancing is Essential activity and can help to keep people in good shape against Covid 19. 

Parken Parade Latino Dance  - Free Sessions 
Parkenparade 2021.jpg
Parken Parade Latino Dance - Free Sessions
You are very welcome to join us for a good dance on Saturday 29 and Sunday 30 May at 16h at Tervuren Park. Registration by private message